Wein am Berg 2022

In 2022, Top-winegrowers from Austria and the Benelux countries will meet up at Wein am Berg – THE ORIGINAL by Das Central – Alpine . Luxury . Life – in Sölden to celebrate enjoyment in its finest form. Sample the best wines from the various Austrian winegrowing areas and from the Benelux countries and let the well-known names inspire you.

Top wine estates at Wein am Berg 2022

The Bentz Family from the Wine estate Domaine Claude Bentz from Luxembourg
Remich I Luxembourg

Wine estate Domaine Claude Bentz

Domaine Claude Bentz is a distinguished Luxemburgish family wine estate in Remich, which stands out for the quality of its products and its traditional know-how. Founded in 1933, the vineyard is currently managed by Claude Bentz and his daughter Carole Bentz, members of the 3rd and 4th generation of a family of winemakers.On 16 hectares of vineyards, spread over most beautiful terroirs of the Moselle valley in Luxembourg, popular grape varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc and Gewürztraminer are cultivated with care. The House stands for first-class wines and Crémant with highest quality. They had been a proud and official supplier to the Grand Duchy’s Court of Luxembourg bearing the title of “Fournisseur de la Cour”, since 2001.


Wine estate Clos Mon Vieux Moulin
Ahn I Luxembourg

Wine estate Clos Mon Vieux Moulin

Amidst the Luxembourg vineyards, at the foot of Palmberg mountain, lies the wine-growing estate Clos Mon Vieux Moulin, not far from Luxembourg City and Trèves. Now in the 11th generation, the cousins Luc and Frank Duhr manage the 14 h large family wine-growing as state with much love and passion for wine-growing. Today, the name of the clos “Mon Vieux Moulin” stands for first-class wine and highest quality. In addition to mineral, long-lasting Rieslings, full-bodied Pinot Gris and surprising Auxerrois, the two high-quality crémants count among the family’s core products. The wine-growing estate is a member of the winegrowers’ association Domaine & Tradition.


Wine estate Chateau Bon Baron at Wein am Berg 2021 in Soelden
Dinant I Namur I Belgium

Wine estate Chateau Bon Baron

When around 20 years ago Jeanette and Piotr van der Stehen moved from the Netherlands to Belgium to buy property there and cultivate wine, they had no idea just how successful they would be with their wine-growing. Without a word of French and vineyards that had long disappeared and expertise that had been lost for generations, the Dutch couple became established in the Belgium region of Wallonia. On 17 hectares where 14 different grapes are grown, 21 different wines are produced – all bearing the ‘Côte de Sambre et Meuse’ or ‘Crémant de Wallonie’ seal of approval. Particular emphasis is on classic grape varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, followed by Cabernet and Pinot Gris.


Karel and Tine Henckens own the most northerly Pinot vineyards in Europe
Aldeneik-Maaseik I Limburg I Belgium

Wine estate Aldeneyck

The most northerly Pinot vineyards in Europe are in Belgium, in the Limburg province on the western banks of the Maas, close to the border with the Netherlands and are lovingly tended and nurtured by Karel Henckens and his wife Tine. An area spanning a total of 10 hectares, on a sunny south-eastern slope are devoted to popular grape varieties, including Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Winegrower and fruit grower Karel Henckens’ passion for winegrowing began in 2002 and thanks to his many years of experience in fruit growing, in spring of that same year planted the first vine stocks. He didn’t have to wait long for success. His Pinot Noirs have rightly been named the best wines in Belgium and his wines have demonstrated that Belgium is increasingly becoming a wine-producing country.


 The two winegrowers Eric Geyssens and Sam Dehandschutter
Pajottenland I Flämisch-Brabant I Belgium

Wijndomein Dappersveld-Woestijn

The Belgian winegrowing domain Dappersveld-Woestijn is located west-southwest of Brussels in the region of Pajottenland and has been a merger of the two vineyards Dappersveld and Woestijn since 2016. The two winegrowers Eric Geyssens and Sam Dehandschutter have pooled their shared passion for wine, and now work together on two different terroirs in the Belgian municipalities of Pepingen and Gooik. With much enthusiasm, the two winegrowers strive for a high level of sustainability in the respective vineyards as well as in the preparation and processing of the wines. The vineyard’s most popular grape varieties are Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.


Martin Bacquaert from the wine estate Entre-Deux-Monts

Wine estate Entre-Deux-Monts

A stone’s throw away from the Franco – West Flanders border lies the vineyard Entre-Deux-Monts, nestled among the panoramic hillsides of the Black and Red Mountain. Martin Bacquaert is the 39-year-old agricultural engineer who started planting vines in 2005 on a sun-drenched piece of land belonging to his grandfather. He runs his business single-handedly, albeit with help from his family, and has his wine trader father to thank for planting the seeds of his passion. In the following years, the vineyard was expanded from 3 to 18 hectares. The majority of the estate is planted with reliable Chardonnay, followed by Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Auxerrois and Kerner. The wine estate produces various successful and award-winning wines made using the ‘mode traditionnelle’ and also some white wines.


Wine esate Winkler-Hermaden from Styria
Kapfenstein I Styria I Austria

Wine estate Winkler-Hermaden

The winery located by Kapfensteiner Kogel impresses not only with wonderful views of the Styrian Vulkanland, but also produces top wines. The Winkler-Hermaden family places great value on maintaining a healthy preservation of a diverse habitat. Winemaker Thomas aims to make the typical character of the soil and the respective varieties come out in the wines. In doing so, the main focus is especially on the red wine variety Blauer Zweigelt, which features to 100% in the famous “Olivin”. For white wine, the main varieties are Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer & Gewurztraminer, but Burgundy varieties such as pinot blanc and pinot gris can also be found in their repertoire. The winery Winkler-Hermaden is a member of the STK-winemakers (Styrian terroir & classic wineries).


Meet Manfred Tement from the wine estate Tement at Wein am Berg 2021 in Sölden

Wine estate Tement

The well-known winery Tement is more than just famous. Nestled among the beautiful landscape of the South Styrian Wine Road, exceptional winemaker Manfred Tement, whose name is also often preceded by the term “Star”, has been running the winery for more than 30 years – today with his sons Armin and Stefan. His vineyards in the famous locations “Zieregg” and “Grassnitzberg” take home numerous awards every year again. Whereby the location “Zieregg” has long become a synonym for highest quality of white wine and is now inseparably linked to the name Tement. The winery Tement is a member of the STK-winemakers (Styrian terroir & classic wineries).


Falstaff wine grower of the year 2019 - Christoph Neumeister
Straden I Styria I Austria

Wine estate Neumeister

With the latest distinction “Falstaff wine grower of the year 2019”, Christoph Neumeister can now rightly count himself among the top winegrowers from Austria. The winery, well-known in the wine scene, is located in Straden in Styrian Vulkanland, in the south-east of Austria and delights wine lovers in particular with its unique white wine creations. On a total area of 30 ha, the small individual vineyards are found mostly on steep slopes as a result of the topology. The various vineyards are cultivated organically with great commitment to sustainable winegrowing since 2013. This practised sustainability, in turn, is reflected in each and every premium drop of Neumeister wine.


Martina and Johannes from the wine estate Gross in Styria
Ratsch I Styria I Austria

Wine estate Gross

Martina and Johannes took over responsibility for the Gross am Nussberg Vineyard in 2019. For them, manual work is the basis for pressing wine that tastes of the location in which it grows. This aims to further develop the wine style of the winery, which stands for longevity, fineness and subtlety. The grapes originate to 100% from own hillside vineyards, for which they exercise the utmost care in person during cultivation. Their focus is on the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc, which finds optimal conditions in the Styrian-Slovenian border region. It embodies not only the unique typicality of its origin, but also the winery’s style: hand-picked, spontaneous fermentation, separate maturation of every plot and time for the development.


Willi Bründlmayer and his team of the wine estate Bründlmayer

Wine estate Bründlmayer

The multi award-winning Bründlmayer Winery is located in the south-east Waldviertel area in Lower Austria, at the lower end of Kamptal and inspires wine connoisseurs from across the globe with the best quality Austrian wine. Willi Bründlmayer manages the 80 hectare vineyard together with son Vincent, Thomas Klinger and Andres Wickhoff, with a great deal awareness of the concept of sustainability. It is not without reason that the vineyard has received the “Winery of the Year“ (Wine & Spirits, USA) award 6 times. Willi Bründlmayer was also t he first ‘Winegrower of the Year’ listed by Falstaff Magazine.


Familiy Sattler from the Sattlerhof Vineyard in Gamlitz at Wein am Berg 2021
Gamlitz I Südsteiermark I Austria

Wine estate Sattlerhof

‘Tradition meets innovation’ – that is the philosophy of wine-growing family Willi and Maria Sattler, who together with their sons Alexander and Andres, have for years been successfully managing the Sattlerhof Vineyard in Gamlitz. The vineyard is located on a steep elevation, providing unique views across the vineyards in southern Styria. The vineyards span four key areas with a total wine-growing area of 36 hectares. It is the striking terrain, which comprises very steep and challenging sections, that gives the wine its authentic character. Then there is the sustainable wine-growing methods, which includes cultivation, hand-picking and gentle pressing which has a role to play in the top quality of the Sattlerhof wines.


Wine estate Franz Hirtzberger with his wife Irmgard Hirtzberger

Wine estate Franz Hirtzberger

Franz and Irmgard Hirtzberger today manage the Austrian quality vineyard Franz Hirtzberger together with their family in the fifth generation. The long-standing vineyard is located in the universally known Wachau winegrowing area in Lower Austria and has achieved considerable success globally. On cropland of 25 hectares, the Hirtzberger family produces top-class wines which are causing quite a stir. Their wines repeatedly achieve top-ratings and countless awards. The terraced vineyards Singerriedel lead the way, which yield a fabulous Riesling and are known among wine lovers as a flagship for best quality.


Heinz Velich - Wine grower of the year' in 2012 by Falstaff Magazin

Wine estate Velich

The Velich Vineyard established in 1933 is located in Austrian Apetlon, rooted in the breathtaking natural landscape of Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel national park in Burgenland. Heinz Velich, who was named ‘Wine grower of the year’ in 2012 by Falstaff Magazin, grows his wine with much devotion and is in charge of the family business, which has specialised in varieties of white wine. On a total of 10 hectares of winegrowing area you’ll find renowned grape varieties combined with a long tradition, such as Chardonnay, Welschriesling, Muscat-Ottonel and Bouvier. The Velich winery is particularly famous for its multiple award-winning Chardonnay ‘TIGLAT’.


Yves-Michel Müller from the wine estate Domäne Müller in Styria

Wine estate Domäne Müller

The Müller domain founded in 1994 includes some of the best locations in southern and western Styria. The total of 35 hectares of vineyards are divided into 23 hectares of southern Styria and 12 hectares of western Styria. The wines of the Müller domain, which has been managed by Yves Michel Müller since 2015, are divided into three categories. The base of the pyramid is provided by the Gutswein range, which represents a typical Styrian character. The second, middle layer is formed by the DER range, which stands out with the combination of its variety, microclimate, soil and location. At the top of the pyramid comes the PRIVAT range, formed of wines that are marketed in wooden barrels only after extensive maturation and have great storage potential.


Renowned Vineyards Burgenland

Looking back on great gratitude as well as combined with long-standing friendship, the association “Renowned Vineyards Burgenland” is represented once more this year at the upcoming Wein am Berg Event in 2022 in Sölden. Of the 13 membership vineyards of the collective, the names of all which are of great international significance top vineyards are present in 2022:

Renowned Vineyards Burgenland at Wein am Berg 2021

Wine estate Paul Achs I Gols
With his red wines, Paul Achs is among the top-elite of Austrias winemakers and is a partner in our PINO 3000 project.

Wine estate Feiler-Artinger I Rust
Kurt Feiler surprises with a substantial range of dry white & red wines, and in particular with his sweet wines.

Wine estate Gesellmann I Deutschkreutz
Poster boy wine grower Albert Gesellmann puts his main focus on the Blaufränkisch variety, which features heavily in his top wines “Opus Eximium”, “Hochberc” and “G”.

Wine estate Hans Igler I Deutschkreutz
In the heart of the “Blaufränkisch” winegrowing area, the Reisner-Igler family has specialised in the grape varieties Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Wine estate Kollwentz I Großhöflein
The Kollwentz family is among the pioneers of Burgenland viticulture. The top wines are all in the leading group at international awards, and rightly so.

Wine estate Juris I Gols
The wines from Golser are prime examples of wines with strong character, varietal purity and fruitiness from all the Golser vineyards. The Stiegelmar family pays special attention to the Burgundy varieties, especially Pinot noir and St. Laurent.

Wine estate Giefing I Rust
The winemaking family Giefing focuses on the Ruster Trilogy: fruity, dry white wines, dense, extract-rich red wines and the Ruster Ausbruch.

The PINO 3000 wine-growers

WINE - our passion...
PINO 3000

Wine pairs enthusiasm with exquisite taste. We teamed up with three top-winegrowers to create the PINO 3000, a unique three-countries wine which is matured in exquisite barriques at 3,048 m above sea level at the ice Q. The PINO 3000 winemakers will be back at Wein am Berg 2022 to spoil us with their best wines!

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