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Burgenland I Austria

Renowned Wineries of Burgenland

The creme de la creme of the Burgenland winemaking scene – joined up as the RENOWNED WINERIES OF BURGENLAND – will once again come together in Sölden for Wein am Berg 2019 and together with us wine lovers from across the world celebrate wine enjoyment at the highest level. This small & fine association, which has been supporting Wein am Berg since day one, is made up of 13 top winegrowers who are committed to promoting high-quality and sustainable winegrowing. Together, the wine growers cultivate 370 ha of vineyards and produce more than 2 million bottles a year.

Wine estate Paul Achs
With his red wines, Paul Achs is among the top-elite of Austrias winemakers and is a partner in our PINO 3000 project.

Wine estate Feiler-Artinger
Kurt Feiler surprises with a substantial range of dry white & red wines, and in particular with his sweet wines.

Wine estate Gesellmann
Poster boy wine grower Albert Gesellmann puts his main focus on the Blaufränkisch variety, which features heavily in his top wines “Opus Eximium”, “Hochberc” and “G”.

Wine estate Hans Igler
In the heart of the “Blaufränkisch” winegrowing area, the Reisner-Igler family has specialised in the grape varieties Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Wine estate Kollwentz
The Kollwentz family is among the pioneers of Burgenland viticulture. The top wines are all in the leading group at international awards, and rightly so.

Wine estate Krutzler
Reinhold Krutzler is managing the winery in the fifth generation now, and the name has stood for the highest quality since the year one. The red wines are among the best in Austria.

Wine estate Rittsteuer
The Rittsteuer family has dedicated itself to the cultural asset that is wine since centuries. Striving for the highest quality and creating wines full of character take centre stage.

Franz & Irmi Hirtzberger at Wein am Berg in Sölden
Spitz I Wachau I Austria

Wine estate Franz Hirtzberger

Nestled among the mountains and the flowing Danube River, the Wachau winery Franz Hirtzberger is located in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in the world. Since generations, the Hirtzberger family endeavours to produce excellent wine in variety-typical purity and, above all, of the highest quality level. As one of the best wineries in the Wachau region and Austria, the vineyard with its showpiece wines from the Singerriedel never fails to feature in the leading group at famous competitions. It was only in 2016 that Hirtzberger Vineyard was listed among the TOP 10 of the 100 best wines in the world by influential wine critic James Suckling for its Riesling Smaragd Singerriedel (2015).

Markus Huber from wine estate Markus Huber - Traisental, Austria

Wine estate Markus Huber

When Markus Huber took over the small vineyard, family-owned for more than 250 years, in the year 2000, he made it his mission to develop the vineyard into an internationally recognised, leading Austrian company. This he managed in just a few years and can today rightly carry the name “Poster boy wine grower or wonder child (Decanter) from Traisental”. His white wines – mainly Grüner Veltliner & Riesling – of the highest quality reflect the origin and are characterised by their fine elegance. In 2015, Markus Huber was chosen “Falstaff winemaker of the year“ by Falstaff magazine.

Weingut Grad Hardegg - Maximilian Hardegg
Pulkautal I Weinviertel I Austria

Schlossweingut Graf Hardegg

The castle vineyard Graf Hardegg is located in the northern Weinviertel, not far from the Czech border. On 35 ha, Maximilian Hardegg grows his wines and dedicates all of his passion to the classic great varieties of Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Zweigelt but also Pinot Noir. In addition to the three wine ranges “Veltlinsky”, “Graf Hardegg” and “Wines from the castle”, the location “Ried Steinbügel” ensures repeated distinctions in renowned wine guides. The heart of the vineyard is made up of the old castle wine cellar from the year 1640.

Vincent & Willi Bründlmayer, Thomas Klinger & Andreas Wickhoff (Master of Wine)

Wine estate Bründlmayer

Bründlmayer winegrowing estate is the embodiment of style, elegance and largesse and in the international world of wine is synonymous for the utmost quality. Being respectful of nature and its resources is a priority. Herbicides are completely avoided and a great deal of attention is bestowed to environmental management. As well as the traditional Austrian grape variety, Grüner Veltliner, the winegrowing estate also inspires with its Riesling, Burgundy and Chardonnay grapes.

Katharina Tinnacher
Gamlitz I Südsteiermark I Austria

Wine estate Lackner-Tinnacher

Nestling amid vineyards and orchards is the Lackner-Tinnacher wine-growing estates in Gamlitz., South Styria. Winegrowing has been a feature on this estate for over 240 years. Today the winegrowing estate, which has been managed since 2013 by Katharina Tinnacher, is among the best in South Styria with its stylistically confident wines. The utmost attention is given to the vineyards. The vine stocks are thinned out on a regular basis and manual forming the shoots also means that in more difficult years, the grapes achieve a high level of maturity, ensuring high quality wine. The result is characterfu lwines which reveal the inspiring special features of specific locations.

L'Insieme wine grower from Piedmont

The winegrowers' association and charity “L'Insieme” was founded by world-famous star winegrower Elio Altare in the 1990s with the idea of collecting money for the reservation of historic sites in Piedmont. Nowadays, parts of the proceeds from the sale of the seven L'Insieme Cuvées goes to supporting charitable projects in Piedmont and across the world. In the years past, winegrowers have donated more than half a million euro.

If in the past many of the winegrowers went unnoticed, today they all belong to the Piedmontese winegrowing elite. The friendship between the individual winegrowing families and the vision of helping others laid the foundations for the group. The idea to make wines under their own brand, a story of cooperation, hard work, friendship and a shared passion is selflessly practised until this day by each and every member. And this idea developed to achieve global reach.

L'Insieme wine grower from Piedmont, Italy
High altitude wine tasting on the glacier in Austria

We are delighted to be welcoming for Wein am Berg 2019 under the motto “Austria meets Piedmont” in our 5-Star Hotel DAS CENTRAL in Sölden, the winegrowers' association L'Insieme from Piedmont.

  • Gianfranco Alessandria
  • Elio Altare
  • Giovanni Corino
  • Silvio Grasso
  • La Morandina
  • Fratelli Revello
  • Mauro Veglio
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