Wein am Berg

Gourmet lovers and wine growers, renowned top-chefs and connoisseur figures meet up for Wein am Berg, devoting all their passion to just one objective: celebrating delectation in its finest form.

Top-chefs from all around the world know like no other to please our senses, showing their creativity with every elegantly

composed dish. We will learn the art of winemaking in perfection by domestic and international renowned viniculturalists.

Look forward to moments that will remain matchless and sample our fine wines, as expressive and unique as the backdrop of the Ötztal alpine world itself.

Wein am Berg - 27th to 30th April 2017
Motto: Austria meets Germany

That was Wein am Berg 2016

Wine bootles at Wein am Berg in Sölden
Premium wines from across the world

Top-winegrowers at Wein am Berg

Nineteen leading figures, whose stories make you sit up and notice, whose personality impresses and whose wines are simply remarkable. They graced us with their presence from Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Chile, Argentina and South Africa, bringing their most typical wines and select positions for us to sample in the Ötztal Alps.

The winegrowers at Wein am Berg 2016
Culinary masterpieces at Wein am Berg 2016 at the hotel Das Central
Culinary works of art

Top chefs at Wein am Berg

Young, full-blooded artists, experienced greats, newcomers, those with a calling – among the Wein am Berg guest chefs 2016 were people from all walks of life and with career-stories showing that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. ottfried Prantl, Chef de cuisine in Das Central, looked forward to igniting a firework of premium indulgence this year with five very special colleagues.

Renowned chefs at Wein am Berg 2016
Wine tasting at Wein am Berg on the glacier in Sölden
Indulgence at the highest level

The exclusive supporting programme

Gourmet- experiences extraordinaire. Wine samplings that lead up to more than 3,000 m above sea level. And premium skiing adventure in the company of famous winter sports legends. As diverse as the enjoyment, as unique were the Wein am Berg highlights for the 15th anniversary.

To the Wein am Berg programme 2016

The unique location

Alpine . Luxury . Life at the 5-star hotel Das Central

How Wein am Berg came into being …

The origin of the indulgence-event can be attributed to former hotel manager Gottlieb Waschl († 19.12.2009). “My father always made it his personal cause to bring Austrian wine and his guests closer together”, says Michael Waschl from the hotel Das Central. “Back then, not many could catch on to this. Especially as the wines were rather unknown”. When in 1999, the former president of the renowned Burgenland vineyards, Anton Kollwentz, paid a visit, two wine lovers with a shared mission met and the idea for Wein am Berg was born. “We are particularly proud that, despite a rocky start-up period, we were so determined not to drop the event and elevated it to one of the most popular wine and culinary events”, says Michael Waschl.

PINO 3000

The pinot from the mountain

One-of-a-kind worldwide

The PINO 3000 – a powerful yet elegant three-country-wine. Invented at the indulgence summit meeting Wein am Berg. Aged at 3,048 m above sea level on the impressive Gaislachkogl. Inspired and carried by three international top winegrowers and the 5-star hotel Das Central in Sölden.


Our partners at Wein am Berg 2016

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